Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid Schemes

Leave me alone!

pyramid scheme

Okay, I’m going to rant here.  As a personal trainer, I get the usual amount of requests from companies such as Herbalife and Body by Vi to sell products for them under their disguised pyramid scheme operation.  Recently, I set up my own private studio and next to me are a couple of car mechanics.  One of them is very active in business networking and he goes to an event every Friday at a hotel nearby for this.  He gave my business card to a lady who sells products similar to Herbalife, called Arbonne.  She called me about 10 times while I had my phone on “do not disturb” while I was training a client.  When she finally got me on the phone, she tried to sell me into her pyramid scheme.  She said I can earn a second income selling health and skin products.  When I politely told her I was not interested she insisted I meet with her to try a sample of the products.  First of all, do people still really fall for these schemes?  Second of all, does she not understand the word no?  As a trainer, I train my clients, I do not bring them in to sell them things.  They trust me, so if they were to buy from me, how would I explain to them I am selling to make money and not for their own personal benefit?  It will be interesting to see whether she contacts me again for the “hard sell”.

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