Training your mindset for fitness success

Training Your Mindset for Fitness Success

I’ve got to train my mind too?


I often tell my clients or any prospective clients that in order for you to achieve all your fitness goals, you need to first change your mindset.  They tend to scratch their heads at this time, expecting me to say something like, “run more, eat better, exercise”, and while all those are true, they are not ready for that advice until they are in the right mindset.

If a client has too many personal or professional issues going on in their life, I usually advise them to not start until all of those issues are taken care of.  It won’t be worth going through an intense fitness program along with a whole new set of diet habits if they are too stressed, or if they are not with me 100%.  I don’t want them to complain to me later on saying that I didn’t help them achieve their goals because their mindset was not completely there.

A person who achieves total success in their fitness journey is someone who is ready to give 100% to their trainer.  The lifestyle of that person will ultimately change which will be difficult in the beginning to adjust.  But once they start seeing great results, they almost become so avid in their journey they almost wonder why they never started in the first place.  Once I see the change in them mentally, I see that they have grown so much in their confidence, in their skills, that this transfers over into their personal and professional life.  They also start worryingly enjoying the pain that a gruelling workout gives them.  This, is indeed a good start to someone achieving their fitness goals.

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