Client Meal Plans

Client Meal Plans

I want to see my meal plan, but its unlikely I will actually follow it…

meal plans

Personal Training Package with Meal Plan

A meal plan is standard with most of my personal training packages.  I believe that nutrition and fitness training go hand in hand and should never be without each other.  I don’t care how intense you say that you exercise, if your nutrition is not on par with your exercise, you will never see the results that you desire.  Additionally, if your exercise is light your meal plan should complement this.  If you are training for a marathon or triathlon, your meal plan should complement this.  Hopefully, if your trainer is qualified to give nutrition advice, you should sit down with them at your first meeting to let them know your history and what your goals are so that they can tailor a plan that suits you.

Feedback and Accountability

Often times, I will ask my clients how they are getting on with the meal plan to which they look at me puzzled.  Sometimes I have clients who are absolutely obsessed with following it down to the exact macro.  If you pay extra for a meal plan or ask your trainer to put one together for you, my advice is to follow it the best you can.  Don’t just look at it and put it aside, a lot of hard work was put in to make that plan designed for you and curiosity should not be the end of it, you should put it to action.


Meal planning is simple! Get your plan in front of you and make a grocery list.  Once all the ingredients are purchased, pick a day where you can spend a couple of hours in the kitchen cooking and portioning out meals into tupperware.  The tupperware should then be put in the fridge/freezer for future use.  If you don’t have time to do this, I highly recommend paying for a meal delivery service.  There are quite a few good quality companies that prepare food according to your macros and deliver to your home once or twice a week.  No excuses! No meal planning, no results!!

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