Fitbit, friend or foe?

Fitbit, friend or foe?

Is your fitbit your best friend or your worst enemy?  That’s the question.

One of the most popular devices that all fitness freaks will be carrying on them is a fitbit or other step counter/pedometer.  I myself have a fitbit charge HR, which monitors how many steps you take per day, heart rate, physical activity and sleep monitor.  I first got onto the craze when I upgraded my phone.  My new phone already had the fitbit app installed on it, so curiosity got the better of me and I set it all up.  I noticed that you could purchase a separate band to wear at all times to measure everything.  The phone was only measuring my steps when I had it on me, which was not that often.  I was only getting a measly 4000 steps from the phone and realised that I only did that many steps with my phone on my person. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Charge HR, which was a step up from the Flex and monitors your heart rate and sleeping pattern.  First off, the Fitbit only comes in 2 sizes, a small and a large.  I find it irritating that they don’t offer a size medium.  I luckily have small enough wrists to fit into the small and as a result, paid the smaller price.

So many different fitbits to choose from


I was obsessed in the beginning, measuring every little thing that I did, I also connected my fitness pal app to make sure that the food I was taking in was in proportion to my physical activity.  The fitbit defaults the average adult to take 10,000 steps per day.  This is a real challenge for the average person who works an office job.  I have 2 dogs that have to be walked daily for at least an hour, so I found that making the 10,000 steps to be pretty easy.  I did start becoming a bit obsessed and making sure to do at least 10,000 steps or more and when I didn’t, I would feel a sense of shame and defeat.  I remember coming down with a terrible migraine one day and spent the whole day in bed.  I obviously didn’t make the steps and I felt irrationally upset.  After a few months of being obsessed with my fitbit, the initial craze started to wear down as I had more important things going on in my life.  If I fell short of my steps, I didn’t care as much, but for the most part, my daily life consists of a lot of walking, a lot of exercise.  The fitbit is a good indicator of how physical you live your life on a daily basis but its not something that people should rely on solely.  It is a fantastic item to keep people motivated and challenged and I highly recommend it.  Another great thing about the fitbit, it gives you challenges, gives your award badges for reaching a certain amount of steps, and also sends you text reminders when you are almost at your goal or way over your goal.  It definitely gives you that pat on the back.  It also reminds you to charge it when its nearly out of battery.  The best part of the fitbit, is the phone notifications.  You can keep your phone on silent and it buzzes when someone tries to call you.

After nearly a year of wearing it, can I just put it aside and let it not collect data?  Sadly no, I still wear it daily, still painstakingly charge it and make sure I do at least 10,000 steps, sleep at least 8 hours per night, and burn at least 2200 calories per day.  Eventhough I know I meet all these requirements daily, its still a safety net for me to know when I check it.

I would love to get some thoughts and opinions on others who wear a fitbit daily.

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Happy counting!

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