Dogs are the perfect workout partner

Dogs are the perfect workout buddy!

Dogs are the perfect workout partner because they always keep me fit physically and mentally.

I’ve always been a huge dog lover and have been a dog owner since I was about 10 years old.  Not only are dogs the most loyal, passionate, funny and curious creatures, they are the perfect workout partner.  Having a dog means that you need to walk them daily at least once, if not twice per day. Exercise is necessary to keep a calm and balanced dog, and you will soon see that its necessary for you to be calm and balanced.

The face that says a thousand words, particularly “I’m finally tired”

My Julio, the perfect workout partner for me

The average person struggles to do the recommended daily physical activity of 10,000 steps per day.  The excuses start to pile in about not having time, but having a dog forces you to go out daily for at least an hour.  The walk helps you to bond with your dog, but you also get fresh air, and most importantly, exercise.  Dogs also demand your attention and want you to play with them, which can also burn calories.  Throwing the ball and running with your dog or just playing tug of war with them can mean that you are burning calories.  Plus I have heard that owning a dog can increase your lifespan and decrease your stress.  So next time you drive by your local RSPCA, pick out your next best friend and workout partner.  You won’t regret it.

My Julio on a brisk winter walk in the woods

Julio forces me outside every day no matter the weather

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