I hail originally from sunny California and moved to the UK and spent many years in the legal field.  After realising that fitness was where my true passion and heart was, I packed it in at the corporate job in London and set up my own fitness business and I have never looked back.  My training style is varied but tends to veer towards the strength arena.  

I listen to all my clients needs and structure a program that fits with their current circumstances.  Wherever you are in your fitness journey, I am positive I can find a program that fits your needs.  

I am also a qualified nutritionist and enjoy creating personalised meal plans for my clients.  Nutrition is the key to achieving success in your fitness goals and my plans are highly flexible to work in anyone's busy schedule.  I hope that I can help you today.  

Please give me a call at 07722005515 or email me at admin@compoundcut.com for your free consultation.  

Thanks for reading,

Alice Rhee PT