Workout of the Week – Total Body Strength Training

Here is the workout of the week, this time a total body with some strength training involved.  The workout only requires minimal gym equipment.  A set of dumbbells, a set of kettlebells and a bench.  The kettlebells and dumbbells can be interchanged and a bench can be substituted for a tall ottoman.  Enjoy!  


Workout of the Week – Lower Body Circuit

Here is my lower body legs circuit blast, which you can also find on my video section here.


Workout of the Week – Abs Blast

This weeks workout is a 25 minute abs blast that tones the core and midsection pronto.  This workout is appropriate for beginners to intermediate and can be done without any equipment.  So this workout is perfect when you are pressed for time and on the go.  Give it a go and let me know what Read More


Dogs are the perfect workout partner

Dogs are the perfect workout buddy! Dogs are the perfect workout partner because they always keep me fit physically and mentally. I’ve always been a huge dog lover and have been a dog owner since I was about 10 years old.  Not only are dogs the most loyal, passionate, funny and curious creatures, they are the Read More


Fitbit, friend or foe?

Fitbit, friend or foe? Is your fitbit your best friend or your worst enemy?  That’s the question. One of the most popular devices that all fitness freaks will be carrying on them is a fitbit or other step counter/pedometer.  I myself have a fitbit charge HR, which monitors how many steps you take per day, Read More


Emotional Triggers and Binge Eating

Emotional Triggers and Binge Eating What is causing this behaviour? Discovering the issue at hand I have a client who has been training with me for a few years now, albeit rather inconsistently.  For this situation, I will call her Tina.  Tina is overweight and still needs to lose a good few stone in weight. Read More


Client Meal Plans

Client Meal Plans I want to see my meal plan, but its unlikely I will actually follow it… Personal Training Package with Meal Plan A meal plan is standard with most of my personal training packages.  I believe that nutrition and fitness training go hand in hand and should never be without each other.  I Read More


Training your mindset for fitness success

Training Your Mindset for Fitness Success I’ve got to train my mind too? I often tell my clients or any prospective clients that in order for you to achieve all your fitness goals, you need to first change your mindset.  They tend to scratch their heads at this time, expecting me to say something like, Read More


Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid Schemes Leave me alone! Okay, I’m going to rant here.  As a personal trainer, I get the usual amount of requests from companies such as Herbalife and Body by Vi to sell products for them under their disguised pyramid scheme operation.  Recently, I set up my own private studio and next to me are Read More


Welcome to compound cut fitness studio

Welcome to compound cut fitness studio I finally opened up my own private fitness studio Well I finally did it! I finally opened my own private training studio in the heart of Derby.  The studio is unique in that it offers sole privacy in your training.  The studio is not hired out to any other Read More