8 Week Custom Training Program



If you are an experienced gym user and need a little guidance on what type of exercises to do pertaining to a specific goal, then an online training program is just what you are looking for.  Whether its to keep your routine fresh or to try some new exercises, let me put together a custom routine along with videos directly to you.

What you will receive with this program:

  • An initial skype/face time consultation to ensure that I send you a program that is tailored to you
  • Weekly check ins to make sure you are on track with your goals
  • A unique membership page on my site where all your videos, programs and meal plans are delivered
  • 3-4 day split per week for 8 weeks

Disclaimer: Access to a gym or basic gym equipment is typically needed for this program.  If you do not have access to gym equipment, your program will be custom made to work around this.


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